Custom PC Enthusiasts

Group Rules

  1. First and foremost, the laws of the US government and Facebook guidelines precede all of the following rules specific to this group. If the admins decide your post or comment violates what is legally sound, this will not be up for discussion.
  2. Keep discussions in English. If you require help with translating, we will do our best. Google Translator is better than nothing.
  3. Promoting of pages/groups/blogs is not allowed without prior expressed permission from an admin. This is not limited to Facebook only.
  4. Personal referrals are not permitted within the group. We have a group referral found on the side bar on the main page, which is used for promotions and giveaways within the group.
  5. Do not spam the group with irrelevant, off-topic posts, and advertisements. Scroll through the group and see if there is already a discussion relevant to your question or ideas before making a new post. You will receive one warning, and further incursions will result in a ban.
  6. We do not condone piracy. Members will be warned, second offense is one week ban, and third offense is permanent.
  7. Do not beg or ask for free items. Giveaways and offers are available on the group most of the time and encourage socializing and discussion.
  8. Do not encourage parading or attacking other groups or users. Doxxing of users will result in an immediate ban.
  9. Treat others as you want to be treated. Be courteous, be polite, and do not use foul language or slurs.
  10. Respect everyone's opinions and rights to speech. Our views differ from one another, especially as a growing international community.
  11. No personal, racial, ethnic group, gender based insults. This includes harassment or verbal insults relating to someone's choice of brands or hardware.
  12. Do not post photo's that contains nudity.
  13. If someone is asking for help and you can't answer, do not post.
  14. There is a zero tolerance policy for cyber bullying. Violators will be reported to Facebook directly by all admins, and proof will be screenshot. Following by immediate removal with zero chance to appeal.
  15. If you see someone breaking the rules, please speak up to us about the post. Simply flagging the post is enough for an admin to be alerted and handle the issue. This can be done by clicking the down pointing arrow in the upper right of the post.
  16. If it is urgent and should be consulted promptly then tag more than one of us on the post.
  17. Do not make posts asking why your post was deleted. Ask an admin or just deal with it.
  18. A Heatware account is required for all transactions done openly in the group. If you do not include your heatware in a sales post, that post will be removed. Please visit and be sure to include your Heatware account name in any sales post you make. Posts without a Heatware account will be deleted immediately.
  19. Further rules and guidelines will have their own individual documents and can be found in the sidebar
  20. The most important rule here though is to remember to have fun, be polite, and enjoy yourself. We are here to share our love and enthusiasm of computers and related technology.